Who we are

‘LAUT BRUNEI’ stands for Looking After Underwater Treasures of Brunei and ‘LAUT’ is also the Malay word for ‘sea’ also translating as Brunei Sea. LAUT BRUNEI is a marine conservation initiative under the Poni Foundation.

What we do

Our mission is to look after Brunei’s marine life, reefs, & shipwrecks for the future generations through citizen science, technology & collaborative projects.

our experience

We've been leading marine conservation initiatives in Brunei since 2010 with the first International Coastal Cleanup 2011, first ghostnet cleanup 2013, first Coral Propagation Program 2014 & have hosted green programs for over 5,000 local youths.

our objectives

Our objectives bring together a multi-pronged response with both fast response & long-term solutions with grassroots support from the public (bottom-up) and scientific data for dialogue with stakeholders (top-down) to respond to the complex challenges of marine conservation.

Explore low-cost, sustainable artificial reef designs & deployment methods for long-term coral reef & habitat restoration projects.

Develop effective & efficient coral propagation rograms and establish a coral research facility.

Train volunteers with ready assets to deploy to respond to negative events at sea including beached mammal rescues, coral restoration after vessel grounding, propagating resilient coral after coral bleaching, righting corals after storms.

Collect data on coral health, marine life diversity & water quality through surveys & marine instrumentation for threats assessments, trend analysis & dialogue with stakeholders.

Engage youths & volunteers to participate in citizen science and create future leaders in marine conservation through awareness of environmental issues & grassroots solutions.

Get science-backed research using advanced marine instrumentation and sharing the data publicly through cloud-based solutions.

Focus on sustainable solutions for long-term results through alternative funding, cost management & self-funding activities.